Researchers assure us that all humanoids have dreams. We share this trait with a wide variety of other creatures as well. Many of our dreams are quite disturbing and some people remember them in great detail. Other dreams fade upon awakening.

Often our perceptions are colored by the apparent reality of vivid dreams. It has been hypothesized that some mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, provoke behavior patterns based on the inability to distinguish between dreams and reality. The dreams continue while awake, and dreams become a living nightmare.

There has been much thought and study given to the shapes and forms of dreams. These fragmentary images have been analyzed for meaning since earliest humanoid history. Our major religions are based on little more than dreams, fantasies, hunches, and wishful thinking. The lack of evidence of any tangible reality has not lessened their impact on behavior in our culture. Perception of reality can be so tainted with the power of dreamy myths that facts and logic become irrelevant. We are encouraged to participate in the splendor of cultural diversity, but when others conduct their lives based upon bronze-age campfire stories, it becomes difficult to respect their beliefs and opinions.

The Good Doctor has often included dream imagery in his work. Please share your dream images, which he may shape into artwork.

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