Improving Humanoids

The human race has multiplied numerically, but has yet to evolve into a sustainable life form. Time is running out and genetic revisions are necessary. As the Good Doctor initiated his research into making the world a better place through simple choices, it became apparent that men are doomed to standing around as the world is destroyed by male cultural inertia.

It is time for a transformation.

There is no point in enhancing men. If we are to start to perfect the humanoid life forms of this damaged planet we must avoid using such hopelessly flawed source material. Every child begotten with the seed of man is doomed to a role of inferiority and unrealized potential. Every birth mother soon realizes that her best efforts in child rearing are wasted on the product of an inferior sperm donor. It is time to initiate a new reproductive program introducing inter-species dna for indeterminate and random genetic variations.

The Good Doctor presents a few of his new proposed species variations.

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