The Professor

Recently one of Seattle’s most celebrated artists had yet another big gallery show. He has been a UW professor for over 40 years. His artwork has been admirable and adventurous, and he remains prolific and diverting.

However the Good Doctor’s personal experience of his teaching back in the 60’s was disconcerting. The professor was so focused on a raven-haired, hawk nosed co-ed wearing low-rise bellbottoms that barely a dozen words of instruction could be spared on other students during the quarter. The Doctor took no further courses from the esteemed professor, but has, nevertheless, been a great admirer of the artwork and the many stylistic variations. On the other hand, several of the more conscientious and informative instructors have not had art careers of much distinction. Being a good teacher and being a serious creative force are often two mutually exclusive paths.

Dr. JohnnyWow! will be 70 in August, and has been involved in the arts for 50 years. One of the few pleasures of advanced age is the vision that long observation yields. Only a tiny number of creative people will prosper in the arts. “Many are called, but few are chosen”, is an old adage. Persistence does not lead to fame and fortune. The various Life Passage Trajectories often bemuse the Good Doctor.

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